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Hpbq138 _VERIFIED_

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How to Download and Use Hpbq138 for HP Laptops

If you have an HP laptop that needs to be "tattooed" with the model serial number and product number, you may need a tool called Hpbq138.exe. This is an old DMI tool that can help you modify the BIOS information of your laptop. However, some users have reported that the original Hpbq138.exe file does not work for them, and they need a patched version of it. In this article, we will show you how to download and use Hpbq138 for HP laptops.

What is Hpbq138

Hpbq138 is a modified version of Hpbq138.exe, which is a DMI tool for HP laptops. DMI stands for Desktop Management Interface, and it is a standard that allows software to access information about the hardware components of a computer. Hpbq138.exe can help you change the BIOS information of your HP laptop, such as the model serial number and product number. This can be useful if you need to replace the motherboard or other parts of your laptop, or if you want to customize your laptop.

However, some users have reported that the original Hpbq138.exe file does not work for them, and they get an error message saying "This utility can not be executed on this platform". This may be because the original file is outdated or incompatible with some newer models of HP laptops. To solve this problem, some users have created a patched version of Hpbq138.exe, which can bypass the platform check and run on any HP laptop. This patched version is available as a zip file called Hpbq138

How to Download Hpbq138

There are several sources where you can download Hpbq138 for free. One of them is the HP Support Community forum[^1^], where a user named Paul_Tikkanen has uploaded the file as an attachment. You can find his post by searching for "How to downlode HPBQ138.EXE" on the forum. Another source is a website called[^3^], where a user named lasandrachelette23 has posted a link to download the file. You can find his post by searching for "Hpbq138 Free" on Google.

However, before you download any file from the internet, you should always be careful and check if it is safe and reliable. You should scan the file with an antivirus software and verify its source and authenticity. You should also backup your data and create a restore point before using any tool that modifies your BIOS information. We are not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur from using Hpbq138 or any other file downloaded from the internet.

How to Use Hpbq138

Once you have downloaded Hpbq138, you need to extract it to a folder on your computer. You can use any zip extractor software such as WinRAR or 7-Zip to do this. After extracting the file, you will see two files: Hpbq138.exe and PATCHED.h. You need both files in order to use the tool.

To use Hpbq138, you need to follow these steps:

Turn off your HP laptop and disconnect it from any power source.

Open the back cover of your laptop and locate the CMOS battery. It is a small round battery that powers the BIOS memory.

Remove the CMOS battery carefully and wait for a few minutes.

Put back the CMOS battery and close the back cover of your laptop.

Turn on your laptop and press F10 repeatedly to enter the BIOS setup menu.

Navigate to the Security tab and select System IDs.

Write down the current values of Product Name, Serial Number, SKU Number, Build ID, Feature Byte and UUID.

Exit the BIOS setup menu without saving any changes.

Boot into Windows and run Hpbq138.exe as administrator a474f39169

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