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Tesco Grocery Delivery Driver


His new career really opened his eyes the last 18 months and he's come across some weird and wonderful things including a man in his 80s wearing a baffling outfit and he's also discovered the four-word phrase that all delivery drivers absolutely detest.

No wonder Tesco prices are high.Sils bf is a delivery driver for Tesco online shopping. Items which customers send back (I am assuming the substitute items that you don't want), he takes home with him.He says there are no checks on what is returned. So Tesco must just write off returned goods as waste! Whilst I admit its a good perk for sil's family, are tesco just writing off the cost off all returned goods as waste In which case its pushing up their overheads and then Tesco pass those increased costs on to the rest of their customers, whilst doing all this 'price cutting' advertising. Just another reason to keep doing the shopping at Netto Lidl and Aldi.Any mners work at Tesco who can tell me if this driver is right to take the goods home - or is he just stealing (Which also pushes everyone elses costs up).

It could be more than just substitute items.If you've ordered something, then decide you don't want it when it turns up - you can say so and they take it away and you get the money refunded. My delivery driver told me this last month. I was surprised, but he told me it happens a lot.Surely it must go back to the store, otherwise would they know they customer didn't accept it and a refund was necessary!

Tesco's delivery service, Tesco Grocery Home Shopping, is on the road to cutting its CO2 emissions by more than 7,000 metric tonnes in just one year thanks to the introduction of Lightfoot driver improvement technology across its fleet.

Our Near Miss of the Day video today features a Tesco delivery driver making a close pass on a cyclist in Bristol, which surprised Matt, the reader who shot the footage, since his experience is that grocery delivery drivers are among the better ones out on the road.

As it happens, we have reported previously on incidents involving Tesco delivery drivers, including this very close overtake in Dorset earlier this year in which reader was forced off the road.

By pure coincidence, just this afternoon we received an email from another reader with a photo of one of the supermarket chain's vans blocking a dedicated cycle lane in North London - something that seems to have become increasingly common behaviour among many delivery drivers, and not just those working for supermarkets, with the steep rise in online shopping since the start of the pandemic.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said about the incident last month: We are supporting one of our Truro delivery drivers who was bitten on his legs by a dog whilst making a grocery home shopping delivery. 1e1e36bf2d

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