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You.Work.Love Summit

Welcome to You.Work.Love Summit 2021!

Every August, in commemoration of our founder's birthday, we bring you one week of inspirational "Branchout" stories of people just like you and I.  

It's our hope that lessons from real life experiences on choices, work and love, will inspire you to Branchout into the world that awaits you. 

It's a buffet of sessions and it's all on us; yes, it's free!  All you need to do is select the sessions you would like to attend and show up.

Get ready for a no holds barred, no-theory and insightful experience. Get ready for YWL2021! 

We Had 7 Inspiring Stories of Hope at YWL Summit 2021 

Check Them Out Here
Doreen Baffoe- Headshot

8th Aug. 2021

Leading Diversity in the Home - Doreen Baffoe

How do we make our homes safe for the different individuals within it? In this episode of YWL2021, we have a family conversation on deep-diversity and acceptance in the home.


9th Aug. 2021

The Break of Dawn - Stefan Lessing

How does one come back from loosing everything at age 32? Is it possible to fully live again; fully love again; fully laugh again? Listen to Stefan as he shares his through loss, healing and new joy.

Rosemond 3.jpeg

10th Aug. 2021

The Lies We Believe - Rosemond Boamah

Innocent insensitivity and the lies we are taught to believe. How do you silence the loud voices in your head which become your truth? Join Rosemond as she shares her journey on debunking the lie she believed about herself.

Esther 3.PNG

11th Aug. 2021

Open to Change; Believing in Abundance - Esther Mwihaki

 Esther walks us through how she broke free from unworthiness when everyone around her treated her like a specimen of foolishness. Self-doubt left her with a severe stutter. Listen to her story on finding herself and liberating others.


14th Aug. 2021

A Second Version of Me - Fouad Idun-Ogde

Imagine living for the rest of your life in a totally different body other than what was once normal. Join Fouad as he shares his journey living with syringomyelia - a condition that he didn't even know existed until his diagnosis.


12th Aug. 2021

Handling Rejection - Micah Oben

Fancy feeling explicitly rejected by your dad at age five and then facing the same rejection from your grandma. You learn to build walls around yourself so much so that you can't fully recognize your own self. Join Micah for a conversation on navigating rejection and the long-term effects of rejection.

Crystal's headshot.jpg

13th Aug. 2021

In Pursuit of Hope - Crystal Chigbu

They say "when life gives you tomatoes, you make Jollof", but when you are not prepared or have no recipe for making Jollof, you can't even begin to fathom the gift of your tomatoes. Join Crystal as she shares her journey as an amputee mom and the blessing of raising Beulah

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