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Inspiring Transformation, Growth and Impact since 2013...

Every individual, organisation, family and team has "Branchout" moments

Let's support you through yours.

Since 2013, Branchout Africa has worked with executives, organisations and teams to navigate those transformative moments when the right conversation is critical to creating the insight and culture needed to achieve the objectives important to the team. 

We do this through leadership development, coaching and training.

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Organisational Coaching

  • Team Engagement Coaching

  • Leader as a Coach

  • Leading with Coaching and Emotional Intelligence

  • Transitioning Leader Program

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Family Coaching

  • Deep Diversity Coaching - Parents and Children

  • Interpersonal Coaching -Spouses

  • Emotional Intelligence for Spouses

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Life & Executive Coaching

  • Life By Design Program

  • Personalised Leadership Development Program

  • Clarity Coaching

  • Life Coaching

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Cantonments, Accra

Tel: +2330504080876

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When staying down is not an option, you have no choice but to "Branchout"

Doreen Baffoe

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